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New in this version

- Improved presentation.
- Demo: dictionnaire Couvreur (Chinese-French, classical Chinese).
- Fixed: text view on laptops; display on external monitor (*).

(*) In text view with hover (left part), the small popup is now placed correctly just below selection; the window shows correctly on an external monitor.

Download SmartHanzi 2023

Previous version:   v2022.11.02

Please use Microsoft Edge to download SmartHanzi. More info...


In case of developer problem (COVID, etc.), this website would disappear shortly.

Be careful to keep a backup copy of the installation program.

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System requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 or newer.

- Recommended: install Microsoft WebView2.
Download now -> Download the WebView2 Runtime -> Evergreen Bootstrapper -> Download

- Windows 7: the user may be required to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8