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SmartHanzi is a free yet professional tool for students and anyone wishing to read real Chinese texts (web, PDF), even with a limited level in Chinese.

It includes Chinese dictionaries for English, French and German with links to related words and characters.

SmartHanzi is available for desktop (PC, Mac) and mobile (iOS, Android).

Parse and lookup

A full text can be copied with immediate access to unknown words. Meeting words and characters in context, together with related ones, strongly helps memorizing.

Tip: try it on Twitter! (mobile: long press on a Chinese tweet to copy it)


SmartHanzi shows etymology of Chinese characters from the Etymological Dictionary of Han/Chinese Characters by Lawrence J. Howell and Hikaru Morimoto,.

Etymology is not only for scholars or experts. Getting familiar with basic components and their explanation brings effective milestones for students at all levels, both for remembering characters and when meeting new ones.

Make friends with characters!

HSK training

HSK levels 1 to 6. Progress is shown over the last 12 months.

The basic option is with short tests, mistaken results retried first. Users can prefer longer tests, review unsure words or check known words.

Windows 10 / 7 / 8 Recommended
Mac Recommended
iPhone, iPad
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Android Backup
SmartHanzi Lite

SmartHanzi Lite is a Safari (Mac) extension. It translates words in web pages on the fly.

The lite version just shows the pronunciation and basic meanings. It is especially convenient for users working daily with numerous HTML documents, e.g. webmail.