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DDB Access
SmartHanzi, DDB Access: warning for frequent users

SmartHanzi and DDB Access are published by an individual developer. In case of personal problem, the download links might disappear very quickly since some hosting or app store subscriptions have to be renewed each year.

This page explains how to save backup packages which might give a “second life” in case the apps become unavailable.

Please note that THIS page and its download links might also disappear very quickly.

Windows 7 / 8 / 10Keep a copy of the usual installation program.
UWP (Microsoft Store)Apps should remain available.
MacNo way to keep the apps available on Mac App Store. See below “SL” versions.
iPhone / iPadNo way to keep the apps available.
Google PlayApps should remain available “for some time”.
Amazon App StoreApps should remain available.
Backup versions for Mac

Below is a link for an alternate “SL” version: identical to the Mac App Store version, but technically independent. It can be installed on the same machine beside (besides) the Mac App Store version.

The SL version is not intended for normal use. It is not automatically updated nor guaranteed to be in line with the current Mac App Store version:

Download DDB Access Mac 2020.05.35_SL

(to be done: SmartHanzi, SmartHanzi for Kanjis)