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What is the "Same text" menu for?
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Recommended browsers
Preferred browsers:Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE7, IE8), Safari.
Other browsers are supported as much as possible but are not so thoroughly tested.
Try both popups

Two popups are available. The larger popup provides more information, the smaller one is for a quick view. Use the toolbar or popup buttons to switch at any time.

How to bookmark my preferred language or dictionary

The default language is English. To bookmark another language or dictionary, use:çais (with Soothill & Hodous) (français)
How to adjust Chinese fonts

The web site does not specify a particular Chinese font. Chinese fields are marked with "zh" (language) and "sans-serif" (font-family), so each user can choose his or her preferred font with the browser options. Although this is not fully clarified, it looks like the best way is to set the font for simplified Chinese.

What is the "Same text" menu for? benefits from several distinct dictionaries. When you have annoted a text with one language or dictionary, you just have to click on a "Same text" entry to annotate the same text with another dictionary. The result is displayed in a new window or a new tab, so both annotations are available simultaneously.

Tip: with Internet Explorer, use Ctrl+click to open a new tab (press the "Control" key while you click).

What about cookies?

The website can be used with cookies disabled. There may be some minor differences, e.g. the user will receive more messages.